The Cheapest & Easiest Way to Clean Camper Windows

How to clean and polish camper windows.

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We are s l o w l y getting work done on the camper. Since the Covid stay-at-home orders, we have knocked out projects left and right, yet Janky Jenny remains on the back burner.

Today, however, I did make a tiny bit of progress when I decided to try to clean up one of the windows.

It was a task I was dreading. But cleaning the aluminum camper window frames was MUCH easier and MUCH cheaper than I expected…thanks to this unexpected secret weapon!

Yep! A $1 box of off-brand steel wool soap pads is the secret weapon that will make your camper windows shine!

(I used this $1 brand from Dollar General.)

S.O.S. Steel Wool Soap Pads 10 padsS.O.S. Steel Wool Soap Pads 10 padsS.O.S. Steel Wool Soap Pads 10 padsBrasso-2660089334 Multi-Purpose Metal Polish, 8 ozBrasso-2660089334 Multi-Purpose Metal Polish, 8 ozBrasso-2660089334 Multi-Purpose Metal Polish, 8 oz


How to Clean Rusty Camper Windows

One of the main things that makes Jenny look so janky is that she looks like she is literally dripping rust. All of the window frames have screws that have rusted and the rust is running down the front of the metal window frames.

How to clean rusty camper windows.
(Every.single.screw left a rust stain!)

I have heard amazing things about various aluminum polish products, but that wasn’t going to cut it on these windows. These things haven’t been cleaned since the 60s!

These windows definitely need something strong to cut through all of their rust, crud, and oxidation. And these steel wool soap pads were definitely up to the job.

How to use steel wool to clean camper windows: before pic.
How to clean rusty camper windows: after pic.

Just look how well these windows cleaned up! They are shining!

They’re not completely perfect, but they are a hundred times better than they were. And the best part is NO MORE RUST!

This really is the cheapest and easiest way to clean camper windows.

For less than $1 and about 30 minutes of scrubbing, I removed all of the rust and cleaned this camper window until it shone! I can’t tell you that I’m looking forward to cleaning the rest of the windows, but I am excited to see them all shiny, pretty, and installed in our finished camper.

How to clean and polish camper windows.

After I finished scrubbing the windows, I added a little bit of aluminum polish to help protect the metal for as long as possible. But polishing them will be something I have to do regularly to keep them looking clean.

Slowly, but surely Jenny is becoming a little less janky with each task we complete!

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