Farmhouse Camper Interior Ideas

Farmhouse Camper Interior Ideas

Since pulling Janky Jenny home, I have spent countless hours looking at camper makeovers on Pinterest. Researching different restoration/renovation methods in blogs and Facebook groups has nearly become a full-time hobby.

Last week, I explained how torn I am between interior decor for our vintage camper. I cannot decide whether to go full on retro with this thing or stick to the simple farmhouse style that I use in our home.

So, I’ve made a list of what I love about each style (with pictures, of course). In this post, I’m listing everything I love about farmhouse camper interiors and you can see what I love about the retro style in this post from last week.

Hopefully, by the time you’ve read both of these posts, I will have made up my mind….but we’ll see!

Farmhouse Camper Interior Ideas

Black & White Color Scheme

(This camper from the DIY Mommy is farmhouse GOALS.)

One thing I love about this farmhouse trend is the classic black and white color scheme. It’s a timeless look that I won’t ever get tired of.

Wood Floors

Wood floors are a farmhouse staple.
(Rosie’s floors are to DIE for!)

Every good and trendy farmhouse has gorgeous wood floors. Right? Our farmhouse camper would be no exception. I LOVE this triangle wood floor from Probably This and they even have a tutorial!!!

**Squeals…but quietly because the kids are sleeping**

Subway Tile

I think we'll add subway tile in our vintage camper.

I love subway tile. It’s cheap, it’s clean, and it goes perfectly with the farmhouse look. Of course I would need a peel and stick version to go in the camper, but if we decide on a farmhouse interior, it’s a must!

Copper Accents

Gold or copper accents are perfect for farmhouse camper interiors.
(I love this farmhouse-looking camper with all of it’s copper accents.)

One thing about the white farmhouse backdrop is that you can add plenty of fun accents to it. I was thinking about adding some gold accents (IF we decide on a farmhouse interior). But this post from Will and Cam makes me want to add all the copper accents!

Wall Paper

I can't wait to add wall paper to our vintage camper.
(I adore the fun wall paper that Proverbs 31 Girl put in her farmhouse camper.)

Wall paper is a thing of the past….or is it? So many DIY shows use wall paper to ‘add interest’ to their renovations and I think it’s a great idea! This black and white wall paper that from the Proverbs 31 Girl blog definitely adds interest and is on point with the farmhouse style that I love.

Ship Lap

Our farmhouse camper interior would need shiplap.
(Shiplap walls are a must for a farmhouse camper.)

What’s farmhouse style without shiplap? I couldn’t possibly have a farmhouse camper interior without some shiplap. There are several tutorials for camper shiplap walls on Pinterest, so I know it can be done!

Light, Airy, and Clean

I love the light and airy look of farmhouse campers.
(All the clean natural light is what draws me to the farmhouse style the most.)

I love the clean look of the farmhouse style. Our camper has a lot of windows and all that natural light will make a farmhouse interior perfect for Jenny!

So Many Pattern Choices

Mixing patterns is a great idea in a farmhouse camper interior.
(The simplicity of the farmhouse style lets you mix patterns with ease.)

One thing about the simplicity of farmhouse interiors is that you can add in any pattern that you want. I love buffalo check and would love to incorporate it into our farmhouse camper interior!

I love all of these farmhouse camper interior ideas! They’re classic, simple, and I don’t think I could be anything other than happy in such a pretty space!

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  1. DeAnna
    February 13, 2022 / 6:44 pm

    Your project looks amazing. My husband and I are doing our motorhome and I was your slide out what did you use to go around that? Thanks

    • findingmandee
      February 14, 2022 / 1:57 pm

      Thank you! Our camper didn’t have a slide out, the pictures in this post link back to the original poster and if you click the link of the picture with the slide out that you are asking about, I’m sure you could ask them what they used. Sorry that I couldn’t help more! I hope your camper turns out great!

  2. Kathy Geisser
    September 4, 2021 / 9:41 am

    Love your ideas! What did you go with, I’m curious? I am just stating a reno of a travrl trailer and my main fabric will be blue buffalo checked.

    • findingmandee
      September 5, 2021 / 5:48 pm

      Unfortunately our trailer had too much damage to the frame (the metal frame underneath the trailer) to be salvaged. I ended up piecing out the parts and was able to recoup most of our money.

      I think blue buffalo check would be adorable! I hope you can send me some pictures when you’re finished!

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