Retro Camper Interiors for your Vintage RV

Retro camper interiors

Since pulling Janky Jenny home, I have spent countless hours looking at camper makeovers on Pinterest. Researching different restoration/renovation methods in blogs and Facebook groups has nearly become a full-time hobby.

An issue that I have run into is that I’m absolutely torn between two styles of decor for our camper interior. On one hand, I love the woods and white of the the super trendy farmhouse style. But on the other hand, I love the whimsical nostalgia of the always popular retro style.

So, I’ve made a list about what I love about each style (with pictures, of course).

In this post, I’m listing everything I love about retro camper interiors, then I’ll make a post of farmhouse camper interiors that I adore.

Hopefully, by the time I’m done with both posts, I will have made up my mind….but we’ll see!

Retro Camper Interior Ideas

Black and White Checkered Floors

(Picture source.)

Black and white checkered floors are quintessential for retro vibes. They make me think of 1950s diners and poodle skirts. If we decide on a retro interior, then these are a must!

Polka Dots & Florals

(Picture courtesy of

These polka dot and floral patterns give me all the retro feels. The funky of the polka dots and soft feminine of the floral curtains contrast just enough to make it interesting, but not enough to clash. Pattern mixing will be a necessity if we choose a retro camper interior.

Vintage Quilts

(Picture courtesy of

Many retro camper interiors feature vintage quilts and I love it! They remind me of spending the night at my granny’s house as a kid. And who doesn’t love these aqua and red color schemes?

Lace Accents

(Picture Source)

All these lacy accents remind me of my nana. I doubt I could get my husband on board with it, but it’s still pretty and definitely old-fashioned.

Colorful Appliances

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Every vintage camper worth its salt has some colorful appliances. Usually, it’s one color for all of the appliances, but this particular camper has a yellow fridge and a pink stove and range hood. If we go with a retro camper interior, colorful appliances are on the wish list!

All the Pastels

(Picture Source)

One thing that many of these retro camper interiors have in common are all the beautiful pastel colors. Blues, pinks, yellows, and minty greens are all the rage in retro decorating and I’m here for it! Plus, just look how pretty they are with the black and white floors!

Wood Paneling

(Picture Source)

There was no way for us to save our original wood paneling, due to years of water leaks and wood rot. However, you can bet that every vintage trailer has some wood paneling on it’s walls! I’m leaning more towards white walls and ceiling, but there’s something to be said for this beautiful wood grain.

All Pink Everything

(Picture Source)

Pink has been my favorite color since I was a little girl. Having a retro camper interior seems like a perfect excuse to do all pink everything…right? Again, I doubt I could get my husband on board, but it’s a nice idea!

I love all of these retro camper interior ideas! They’re bright, fun, and I don’t think I could be anything other than happy in such a cool space!

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