2019 New Year’s Resolutions: October Recap

October is always a fun month for our family!

Unfortunately, we didn’t do all of the fun things that we have done in the past: pumpkin patch, fall camping, state fair, etc. But that is only because we are planning a trip home (to Florida) for an early weekend in November and also for Thanksgiving. So, we’re saving money or we were….

…until we brought home one of our biggest purchases ever. I can’t wait to reveal it to you later this month!

But first, check out what little progress I made on my 2019 New Year’s resolutions during the month of October!

2019 New Year's Resolutions: October Recap | Finding Mandee

Be More Active

Last month, in my recap, I told y’all that we started walking/running while the girls were at soccer practice. The whole family was getting more active and we honestly enjoyed it.

We enjoyed it so much, that we continued it this month!

We have also been working on our newest project and it is a TON of work. That has kept us even more active!

(Who knew that the girls playing soccer would make the whole family more active?)

Spend More Time Outside

Since we have been more active, that naturally leads us to spending more time outside.

September 2019 was a record-breaking month across all of the southern states, including North Carolina, for its unseasonable heat! We had several triple digit days and most of the month was in the 90s!

Thankfully, October was much cooler! It was still unseasonably warm, but better than September. We even ate lunch outside a couple of times, just to enjoy the nice weather. The kids pretty much stay outside until dark after they get home from school. And since our new project is outside, we are out there all the time too.

So, I can confidently mark this item off of our bucket list this month!

(Some of the beautiful fall colors we saw on a walk at the Anderson Creek County Park.)

Lose Weight

Unfortunately, over the summer I gained back 5 of the pitiful 11 pounds that I had lost earlier this year.

While I know that 11 pounds in 5 months is next to nothing. I was pretty bummed to find out I had gained half of it back. This month and last month, I was able to lose those irritating 5 pounds!

And I’m hoping to lose a little more before the end of the year, so that this year’s weight loss isn’t quite as pitiful!

Weight lost during the month of October.
(It’s painfully slow, but it exists and that’s what matters!)

Organize Family Pictures

This is one of the resolutions that I have been putting off and avoiding for as long as possible.

I LOVE pictures! If you’re my friend on Facebook, you already know that. I take wayyyy toooo many and always have.

However, after I take those pictures, I post them on social media and that’s as far as it goes. I made the resolution to organize our pictures so because they desperately need it.

Throughout the month I have uploaded pictures from my many memory cards and downloaded my cell phone pictures from Facebook for 2013, 2014, and 2015. (Don’t ask me why those years, I just randomly started somewhere.) I put those pictures in files on my computer, organized by month.

I still have a long ways to go, but knocking out 3 years is a good start!

I feel good about what I accomplished in October!

There’s no way that I will finish all of the resolutions that I made in the two remaining months of the year. However, I’m proud of the fact that I’m 11 months into this and I’m still hanging in!

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2019 New Year's Resolutions: October Recap | Finding Mandee

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