Looking Glass Falls: A Waterfall View For Everyone

Wading at Looking Glass Falls in Brevard, NC.
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Through the shaded, winding roads of the Pisgah National Forest, you’ll find the Looking Glass Falls viewing deck just steps away from the parking area.

Making this cascade one of the most accessible waterfalls around.

After searching Pinterest, and Google for waterfalls to see in the Asheville area, I came up with a long list! There were so many to see!

However, many of those cascades came with a long hike. Something that I was not up for with 2 whiny girls and a reluctant husband. (Sadly, they don’t share my same love of hiking.)

Wheelchair accessible waterfall near Asheville, NC.
(Looking Glass Falls in the fall.)

When I discovered that this waterfall was view-able from the road, I knew we had a winner! And we have been fortunate enough to see this waterfall twice since arriving in North Carolina 2 years ago.

The first time we visited Looking Glass Falls was during our fall camping trip. (We officially marked it off of our Fort Bragg Bucket List and found the most perfect campground in Asheville!)

We walked down to the bottom of the stairs and got as close to the falls as possible. I took tons of pictures and stood in awe of this beauty.

North Carolina waterfall during autumn.
(The falls are beautiful surrounded by fall foilage, but they’re more fun in the summer!)

Perhaps the best thing about this waterfall is that it didn’t involve a long hike.

This cascade is even accessible for those with mobility issues and wheelchairs. There is a viewing area and bench at the top of the stairs. So, you don’t even have to walk down for a good view.

If you do choose to go down the stairs to the second viewing area, there are quite a few, so make sure you can make it back up.

(The stairs leading down to the second viewing area.)

Our second visit here was during a summer camping trip. And I must admit that I much prefer Looking Glass Falls in the summer months.

Not only could we walk down to the bottom of the stairs like the first time, but we were able to go even further. We climbed over the rocks and into the creek.

Looking Glass Falls in Brevard.
(Looking Glass Falls in the summer.)

If we had wanted to, we could have stood under the falls and taken a shower…except that the water was freezing.

The girls loved being able to get in the water. They climbed over rocks and dared each other to go closer and closer to the chute of water pouring over the rock cliff. And I was able to get some beautiful pictures!

Looking Glass Falls is a definite must-see if you’re ever in the area!

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