New Year’s Resolutions: July Recap

July went by FAST!

Perhaps it was because we spent the first couple of weeks of the month back home (in Florida) with family. Or maybe it was because we spent the second half of the month lazing around our house.

I can tell you honestly, that not much got done this month, in terms of actual productive activity. Despite that….it was such a good month!

We spent time with family, went swimming as often as we could, slept in almost every day, worked on a few new projects (instead of finishing up old ones…..*sigh*), and just enjoyed our time together, since Mr. H was home from his TDY stint in D.C.

There were a few progressions on my New Year’s Resolutions during July:

2019 New Year's Resolutions: July Recap | Finding Mandee

Worked on Spanish

I didn’t work on Spanish at all while we were in Florida, but that just made me more motivated to get back to it when we returned to North Carolina.

I didn’t make as much progress with Duolingo, BUT I did find a Spanish workbook at Barnes & Noble and have working on that.

BUT the best part is… kids have been learning Spanish too! They have heard me practicing for months and asked me if I can teach them. So, we picked them up some workbooks and they have been WILLINGLY working on it!

I love that this is something that we can do together and that they want to learn something new!

working on their Spanish this July

Marked Items Off of Our Bucket List

We didn’t mark many items off our Fort Bragg Bucket List this month, but I’m not mad about it at all. I enjoyed being lazy during the second half of the month after our busy weeks in Florida.

We were able to mark one item off on our trip back to North Carolina when we stopped at South of the Border in Dillon, South Carolina.

It was a fun little pit stop that left us wanting to do it again when we have more time!

Create Better Habits: Get More Sleep

Okay….so, maybe I haven’t created a better habit by sleeping in, BUT I have definitely gotten more sleep this month.

We slept in a little while we were visiting my parents, but since we came back to our own house, we have been getting LOTS of sleep.

Not only have we been sleeping in later in the morning, but it’s not unusual to find that someone has fallen asleep during a movie or after coming home from the pool.

And I’m not complaining at all! It’s definitely nice to catch up on all the sleep we missed during the school year while we were crazy busy.

We were able to catch up on sleep in July!
(When daddy goes to work, Lyvi steals his spot!)

Create Better Habits: Spend More Time Outside

Another goal of mine this year was to spend more time outside. I’m guilty of getting comfortable on the couch and not going outside all day.

Fortunately, my kids LOVE being outside and keep me from doing that too often, but I definitely could use some more fresh air.

The first half of July, (when we were in Florida) we spend TONS of time outside. We went swimming as much as possible to escape the heat, checked on Pop’s cows regularly, helped Gigi with outside chores, and the kids played on the trampoline.

We all came home with tan lines and lungs full of fresh Florida air!

(Going to check on the cows!)

The month of July was SO MUCH FUN for our crew. We enjoyed every single day and I was sad to see it go.

Here’s to our last few weeks of summer and the school preparation in August!

You can keep up with my progress on my resolutions throughout the year here!

July 2019 Goals | Finding Mandee

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