Planning a Redemption Trip to Washington D.C

Planning a Redemption Trip to Washington D.C

Since our first family trip to Washington D.C went terribly awry, mostly due to my lack of planning, I am planning a redemption trip!

My husband has already left for another rotation at Fort Belvoir, so we will have a room to stay in (for free!) and I am excited to do D.C right this time. My mom and niece have decided to tag along this time around (in their own room), so I want to make sure that this trip doesn’t turn into a nightmare like the last one.

This time, I am doing my research, making plans, and solving some of the issues we had before.

Solving the Sore Feet Problem

Instead of stupidly trying to walk everywhere like last time, on our redemption trip, we will be doing a hop-on/hop-off bus tour through Old Town Trolley Tours.

Even though it was a bit pricey, we opted for the Platinum Pass. This means that we have access to the buses for 2 days and it will drive us through Arlington. We will also get one round-trip water taxi ticket!

Not only will this solve the issue of sore feet from endless walking, but it will also solve the issue we had with getting lost….hopefully.

(Photo courtesy of Old Town Trolley Tours)

Solving the Issue of Missing Attractions

On our last trip, there were several monuments/attractions that we wanted to see but didn’t get a chance to. Some we didn’t see because we ran out of time, some we didn’t see because it was too far to walk, and some we didn’t see because we just plain forgot about them.

There are sooo many monuments, memorials, and museums in D.C, it’s hard to keep track of them all.

For this trip, I made checklists of the monuments and museums that we definitely don’t want to miss. I’m going to print these out and keep them with me to help keep us on track while we are out and about.

Solving the Insane Crowd Problem

Last time we went to Washington D.C during the Cherry Blossom Festival. The crowds were out of control!

This time, I made sure that there are no big rallies or festivals during the dates of our upcoming trip. While there’s never a time in the Nation’s Capital that is not busy, since more than 20 million people visit Washington D.C every year, the crowds that we experience during this trip should be much smaller.

(Crowds of Blossom Kite Festival courtesy of

Rough Itinerary

Last time, we didn’t have an itinerary or any plans at all. So, on our redemption trip to D.C, I am making a rough outline of things that we want to do. I’m not including times, because I don’t want to be that strict about it. But I still think that having an outline of what order to see attractions will be helpful.

I still have some research and planning left to do. However, I am hoping that all of these changes will redeem our Capital experience!

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