New Year’s Resolutions

Making New Year’s Resolutions that I never keep is an annual tradition for me. In January, I always come up with a long list of things that I want to accomplish throughout the year. Usually, by February, that list is long forgotten.

This year, I’ve decided to try something different.

Inspired by the book, The Happiness Project by Gretchin Rubin, I have made a list of resolutions. However, I am making them monthly resolutions.

Unlike Gretchin, I haven’t assigned each resolution a specific month ahead of time. Instead, I will accomplish them as the mood and life allows me to.

For instance, in January, I was able to clean out my whole house. I could have assigned that resolution to March or April because that’s typically when you would do spring cleaning. But I had already started cleaning out a little before Christmas and wanted to keep the momentum going.

Some of the tasks will have to be completed slowly over the period of several months. Such as my resolution to lose weight or to be more personal here on the blog. And some of the tasks can be completed within a month’s time.

Either way, I plan to keep my readers updated with my progress throughout the whole year.

2019 Resolutions

  1. Be more personal on the blog.
  2. Lose weight.
  3. Clean out the house.
  4. Get organized.
  5. Mark items off of the Fort Bragg Bucket List.
  6. Save money.
  7. Finish the girls’ baby scrapbooks.
  8. Finish my Spanish Duolingo.
  9. Complete unfinished projects from last year:
    • finish re-painting the deck chairs
    • pet memory book
    • refurbish the dress-up chest
    • set up my desk/work area
  10. Decorate the master bedroom
  11. Spend more time outside.
  12. Create better habits:
    • get more sleep
    • take vitamins regularly
    • drink more water
    • have more family dinners
    • be more active
  13. Organize the playroom
  14. Organize family pictures

Just looking at that list makes me tired.

Will I accomplish all of it?

I’m not sure. But even if I don’t accomplish all of these goals, having the courage to put it on here for the world to see is a huge start for me (& the beginning of list item #1!).

Y’all know I’m addicted to crossing items off of a list. Making lists makes me feel like I have my life together, even when I don’t complete them. However, I hope that monthly progress updates will keep me accountable and motivated.

Make sure you check out the monthly progress reports:

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