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Bucket List Breakdown: Part 5

Welcome to Part 4 of my Things to do During Deployment Series! (If you missed Part 1Part 2, Part 3, or Part 4 you can check them out here!) This series is an in depth look at my Deployment Bucket List, a list I made of 100 things to do while my husband was on a 15-month hardship tour to Central America.

Although the Deployment Bucket List was one of the first things I published on the blog, I get questions about it all the time. So, I figured I would detail each bucket list item individually. Each part of this series gives you 20 of the items on my bucket list and how successful (or not) I was at completing each one.

People regularly ask for my advice on things to do during deployment. So, I figured I would lay it all out with as much detail as possible. Hopefully, it will help answer a lot of the questions that I get and inspire you to make a deployment bucket list of your own!

Here we go….for the last time:

#81 Do Some Nail Art

things to do during deployment: do some nail art

I thought while my husband was deployed would be a good time to do some girly things. My Pinterest feed is always full of cute nail art and I thought I would try my hand at some. However, I never got around to finding the right tutorial or buying the supplies. So, when the girls got press-on mermaid nails in their stockings at Christmas, I figured it would be a good subsitution. They lasted less than 15 minutes, but the girls thought they were so fancy!

#82 Throw a Welcome Home Party

deployment welcome home banner that says welcome home Sgt. Harrison

One of my favorite items on this whole list, was to throw my husband a welcome home party! It was so fun to have our friends and family over to celebrate his long-awaited homecoming!

#83 Take the Girls Picture in my Wedding Dress

This was another one of the things that I never took the time to do, but I desperately wish that I had.

#84 Spend Time with my Grandparents

I am very fortunate to have 4 living grandparents and (until a few months ago) 1 living great-grandparent. Though we didn’t know it at the time, we had moved home during one of my Nannie’s last years here with us. I’m so glad that I made the time to take the girls to visit with her. This picture was taken at her 97th birthday party!

#85 Go on a Date When Heff is Home on Leave

picture of a man holding a menu at a restaurant

Since my husband was on a hardship tour and not a typical deployment, he was allowed to use leave to come home to visit. While he was home, we were able to go out on a date, just the two of us. It’s very rare for us to go out without the kids, so we made the most of it!

#86 Make a Deployment Wall

things to do during deployment: make a deployment wall

This was one of the most productive items on my deployment bucket list. Making a deployment wall was so good for the kids. It helped them to have a visual representation of how much time there was before daddy came home. We also liked having our deployment bucket list on display! (You can see exactly how we made our deployment wall in this post!)

#87 Lose 40 Pounds

Unfortunately, I did not complete this item. I definitely wish now that I had made this more of a priority.

#88 Spend the Day in Mobile

spend a day in Mobile, AL

I took the kids on a day trip to Mobile, AL and we had the best time! We went during Mardi Gras, so we were able to see a parade, visit the USS Alabama, and have ice cream at the Moon Pie General Store. It was such fun day! (Here are 5 Things to do in Mobile with Kids! )

#89 Do Some Bible Art

making Bible art was a good thing to do during deployment

Bible art journaling is a relatively new and debated concept. I happen to love it and so I added it to my deployment bucket list. I loved this design when I saw it on Pinterest and did my best at re-creating it in my own Journaling Bible. (You can take a peek inside my Bible here!)

#90 Sew Something

Despite my best intention, I never took the time to dig out my sewing machine. Maybe next time around 

#91 Grow Some Kind of Food

girls holding strawberries that they grew

I usually plant flowers every year, but I’ve never planted any fruits or vegetables. We decided to try our hand at strawberries this year and it was a success! The girls were so excited when they finally got to pick a few berries off of the plants!

#92 Change My Own Oil

greasy hand from changing oil

Every military spouse has had to do something during deployment that they don’t normally have to do while their spouse is home. For me, that was changing my own oil. It’s normally a chore that my husband takes care of. While he was gone, I did it myself (without breaking anything!).

#93 Paint Something

newly painted pink metal bed frame

My dad had this old metal bed frame from when I was a kid out in his barn. He gave it to me to put in my youngest daughter’s room. It was white when he gave it to me, so we painted it pink to match her Peppa Pig room.

#94 Have a Pity Party

old timey picture of girl pulling up her bloomers that says, "so I pulled up my big girl britches and carried on."

There were several pity parties throughout this deployment, especially when his tour was extended by 3 months. However, I chose not to photograph my crazy  and decided to use this meme instead!

#95 Go to a Flea Market

girls at a flea market

I love a good flea market! I love digging through the junk and hopefully finding something that I can turn into treasure. My kids like them too, so I had no problem talking them into heading to Sadie’s Flea Market in Dothan with me on a sunny Saturday morning.

#96 Cut Down a Real Christmas Tree

kids decorating a Christmas tree

When I was a kid, we went out in the woods and cut down a real Christmas tree every year. But since I’ve been married and had kids, we have had an artificial tree. I thought this year, we could take the kids to cut down a real tree while my husband was home.

The weather and time constraints made that difficult, but my husband was able to find 2 small pine limbs. We tied them together and out of the back yard came the most Charlie Brown Christmas tree ever. We decorated it with the yarn ornaments that the kids made and some plastic ones from the Dollar Tree. The kids loved having ‘their own tree’ and I thought it was adorable!

#97 Save Money

Deployment Bucket List: save money

If this picture looks familiar, it’s because I accidentally included this item twice on my bucket list  Oops!

#98 Throw Des a Baby Shower

A few months before my husband left, my brother and sister-in-law found out that they were expecting a baby boy! So, I had to add ‘throw a baby shower’ to my deployment bucket list. With the help of some of her sweet friends, we were able to shower her and my new nephew with lots of love and gifts!

#99 Take a Road Trip with Mom

family going on a road trip

My mom loves to travel….my dad does not. Thus, she does a lot of her traveling when me or one of my siblings can go with her. This picture is from a little road trip to Atlanta for one of my niece’s cheerleading competitions.

#100 Do Some Target Practice

I planned to get out my handgun and do some target practice, but unfortunately, this is another one of the items that I never made the time for.

I was able to complete 16 out of these 20 items on my Deployment Bucket List!

Which brought my grand total to 78 out of 100!

I knew when I began that I might not complete every item, but that didn’t stop me from trying.

Having a list of things to do during deployment motivated me to get out and do more. It encouraged me to spend more time with the people I love. And it helped pass the time until our family was together again. I encourage every military family to make a list of things to do during deployment!

Things to do During Deployment: Part 5
Part 5: Things to do During Deployment