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Omni Family Amusement Center: A Review

As a stay-at-home mom, with two young kids, and a long hot summer stretching out in front of us, I was desperately looking for ways to keep the kids busy. There was no time like the present to start marking items off of our Fort Bragg Bucket List and Omni Family Amusement Center seemed like a sure bet to entertain us on a hot Carolina day.

Not only is this place extremely budget friendly, but it’s super fun and can be enjoyed in any weather!

Looking for things to do near Fort Bragg? Check out Omni Family Amusement Center in Fayetteville, NC

Here are 4 things to do at Omni Family Amusement Center in Fayetteville, North Carolina:

1. See a Movie

things to do in Fayetteville, North Carolina

(Photo courtesy of Omni Cinemas)

We hardly ever go to the movies. Tickets for our family of 4 usually cost around $40, not to mention the ungodly amount you pay for popcorn and drinks. If you include going out to dinner afterwards the price increases even more. We easily spend more than $100 in an evening.

Before discovering Omni Family Amusement Center, we would occasionally splurge on a family movie date, but it was maybe three or four times a year because of the cost. However, at Omni Family Amusement Center cost isn’t an issue. You can buy movie tickets for only $2 each!! After 6 pm their rates increase to $3 per ticket and you add $1 for 3-D movies. But the most you will ever pay to see a movie there is $4!!!!

The movies playing at Omni are usually weeks behind what is out in ‘real theaters’, however, for a $30 price difference in the tickets alone, we can wait a few weeks. Now, we go to movies every chance we get and it’s only $8 for our whole family!

Before we went to Omni Cinema, I was a little afraid that you would get what you pay for in terms of service and atmosphere, but I was wrong. The staff were very polite and helpful and the theater was SO nice! They are a 100% digital theater, so the picture and sound quality are great. And they have leather rocker seating, in all of their theaters.

Since the tickets were so cheap, we expected the snacks to still be expensive. We were wrong though! Omni Cinema offers $2 drinks and $2 popcorn all day every day! That’s $16 for all 4 of us to get a drink and popcorn.

The total for movie tickets and snacks for my family of 4 is a whopping $24!!! My mama would tell you that you couldn’t beat that with a stick and she’d be right! The only downside is that they accept cash only, but there is an ATM there at the theater, so getting cash isn’t a huge deal.

2. Play Outdoor Mini Golf

Things to do at Fort Bragg: play mini golf at Omni Family Amusement Center

For Father’s Day this year, we took my husband to see a movie and then to play mini golf at Mountasia Fantasy Golf at the Omni Family Amusement Center. We had the best day!

You only pay $5 for 18 holes (or $8 for 36)! That’s a phenomenal price!

We recently played mini golf in Panama City Beach, FL and paid $17 per person. But at Mountasia, we paid $20 for our whole family. The 18 hole course that we did lasted us nearly 2 hours!

The course has a huge waterfall pouring blue waters down the ‘mountain’ and several little bridges to cross the streams. We even had to complete on of the holes in a ‘cave’, which my kids loved! The course was challenging, but we still managed to get through it with a 5-year-old. It’s clean, well-maintained, and the staff was very nice and helpful. We couldn’t have asked for a better day!

3. Play Indoor Mini Golf

things to do in Fayetteville, NC

(Photo courtesy of Pirate Black Light Golf)

Even if it’s rainy or cold outside, you can still enjoy mini golf at Omni Family Amusement Center because they offer Pirate Black Light Golf inside the building!

It’s $4 for kids under 12 and $5 for adults and older children to play 18 holes of black light golf. Another great deal!

We haven’t actually done the indoor mini golf, yet. If it’s as fun as the outdoor course, we won’t be disappointed. I plan to take the kids on a rainy summer day or maybe this winter when we’re needing to get out of the house.

Sometimes they run specials and you can play 18 holes outside and 18 holes inside for one price ($6 for kids and $7 for ages 12 & up). The prices at Omni Family Amusement Center really can’t be beat!

4. Lose Track of Time at the Arcade

Omni Family Amusement Center in Fayetteville, North Carolina

(Photo courtesy of Omni Family Amusement Center)

For $20 you can buy 130 tokens at the Omni Family Amusement Center arcade! [Or you can buy 60 tokens for $10, 25 for $5, or 4 for $1.] We haven’t been to the arcade yet either, because once we go in, I usually can’t get my husband back out again  He loves arcades! He could play arcade games for hours and hours, not caring about the bucket load of money he spends. However, I feel like 130 tokens would last him a while at Omni Family arcade and wouldn’t cost us an arm and a leg.

I can’t wait to take the kids to play at the arcade and the black light golf course. It almost has me wishing for a rainy day!

Omni Family Amusement Center is a perfect way the day in Fayetteville, NC. It’s the perfect outing for families with kids or for couples that are looking for a cheap date ideas.

Maybe it’s because I grew up in a tourist-y area, where businesses overcharge for everything, but I really can’t get over how affordable the Omni Center is. If you’re looking for something to do in Fayetteville, head over to Sycamore Dairy Road and check out Omni Family Amusement Center. You won’t be disappointed!

Fort Bragg Bucket List #38: Go mini-golfing at Omni Family Fun Center in Fayetteville, NC.

Omni Family Amusement Center in Fayetteville, NC

Things to do near Fort Bragg, NC: Omni Family Fun Center in Fayetteville, North Carolina