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Birthday Care Package Puns & Ideas

Missing your kids’ or spouse’s birthday is hard when you’re deployed. But it’s also hard to spend your own birthday alone. You can help your service member celebrate their special day by sending them an awesome birthday care package!

Anytime my husband is deployed, I send him themed care packages for all of the holidays and events that he has to miss. And his birthday is no exception.

I decided to put together a round up of nine awesome birthday care packages I’ve seen on Pinterest.

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Birthday Care Package Ideas

Even Though You’re Miles Away…

This birthday care package says it all, “Even though your miles away, I hope you have a special day! Happy Bithday!” How could your day not get a little brighter knowing that your family is thinking of you while you are away?

Baseball Birthday!

This baseball-themed birthday care package will be a hit (corny pun totally intended!) with your sports-lovin’ service member.

Birthday Time!

I love adding photos to the flaps of care packages! It makes the box more personal and your service member can keep the pictures to remind them of their loved ones back home.

Like a Fat Kid Loves Cake!


What’s a birthday without cake? And who loves cake more than fat kids? Nobody….that’s who! Even though you can’t send your service member a homemade cake for their birthday this year, this birthday cake care package is sure to bring a smile to their face!

Game of Thrones

Wish your long-distance loved one a happy birthday by sending them a package inspired by their favorite show. This  birthday care package is sure to please the Game of Thrones fan in your life.

Birthday Pennants

Life is hard and even harder when your spouse is deployed. As much as you would like to send them awesome-ly decorated care packages every couple of weeks, sometimes, life is just too busy. That’s why this simple design makes the list. While uncomplicated and easy to decorate, this box still packs a festive punch.

80s Themed Birthday Care Package

This care package is perfect for that totally tubular 80s-lover in your life! Wish your service member a gnarly birthday with this 80s inspired birthday care package!

Birthday Bows!

I love this package for the fact that it’s made with supplies that you can pick up at your local dollar store! Wrapping paper, curly birthday bows, cut out a few construction paper candles, add some pictures and a sweet note, then fill it with goodies and your package is ready to ship!

Happy Birthday!

This is another simple package that is sure to make your service member’s day a little brighter. Who wouldn’t love a package lined with golden hearts?

Yoda One We Miss!

This Star Wars-themed package is one of my favorites! Yoda is a pretty love-able dude already, but add some presents and ship him around the globe and he’s sure to make any birthday brighter! Plus, punny care packages are the best.

While I had these birthday care packages in mind for deployed service members, they can also be used for people on mission trips, away at college, or any long-distance family and friends. I hope they inspire you and give you the push you need to get a package in the mail soon!

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