How to Make a Faux Boxwood Wreath

farmhouse wreath tutorial

Love the farmhouse style?

Hate the farmhouse price?

Yeah…me too.

not sure if too expensive or I'm just poor

Joanna Gaines really started a trend with her modern farmhouse decor. Now, my Pinterest and Instagram feeds are filled with beautiful pictures of rustic homes. These homes are simple and clean, emphasizing natural light, wooden textures, greenery, and salvaged or upcycled pieces.

Many of these farmhouses feature a simple green boxwood wreath. These are probably the most versatile wreaths in existence. They can hang on the front door, over the mantle, on old windows, on chalkboards, in pictures frames, pretty much anywhere.

Despite the simple design, most stores like to charge a steep price for their boxwood wreaths. I tried several stores and looked around online, but never found a boxwood wreath for less than $50. Maybe I’m just cheap or maybe it’s the crafter in me, but that’s insane.

That's insane gif

So, I put together my own boxwood wreath for just $20 and you can too!

How to Make a Boxwood Wreath

Gather Your Supplies

    • grapevine wreath form
    • scissors
    • hot glue gun
    • 2 garlands of boxwood greenery
    • burlap ribbon (optional)

supplies to make a boxwood wreath

Cut or Pull the Stems off of the Garland

You’ll need to cut or pull the stems off of the garland.

I bought these garlands at Hobby Lobby for $10 each. Their regular price is $20, however I bought them when they were 50% off. They go on sale every other week. I didn’t have to cut the stems off of these garlands, as they just popped off when I pulled them.

how to make a green wreath

how to make a boxwood wreath

Place the Stems on the Wreath Form

Using a small dot of hot glue on the base of the stem, start placing the stems on the wreath form. It helps the stem stick better if you push the bottom down into the grapevine. I started with a row of stems in the center of the wreath form. After it was finished I filled in the inner and outer edges.

how to make a green boxwood wreath

how to make a farmhouse boxwood wreath

Add a Bow

Many of the boxwood wreaths that I’ve seen are completely unadorned, keeping with the simple farmhouse style. However, I decided to add a burlap bow to mine. I didn’t glue the bow to the wreath, in case I wanted to remove it later. Instead, I attached it with a piece of floral wire. [I didn’t add a tutorial for bow making, because I pretty much just tie it like I’m tying my shoe and hope for the best!]

Hang it up and enjoy!

farmhouse boxwood wreath

That’s it! A simple {and cheap} boxwood wreath that was easy to make.

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