Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Where to Swim Near Fort Bragg: Chalmer’s Pool Edition

We PCS’d to Fort Bragg, North Carolina at the end of June 2017. Due to our excellent timing, we managed to move in the middle of a heat wave (as in a heat index of 107 and humidity above 80% every day). So, after our house was {mostly} unpacked, one of the first things I did was Google where to swim near Fort Bragg.
Naturally, the pools on-post came up first, but because we don’t live on post, the community center pools (which are the most kid-friendly) are not available to us. Next in the Google search results were a few water parks and country clubs, which was more money than I was willing to spend.
Finally, I came across a public pool in Fayetteville. We decided to give Chalmer’s Pool at Seabrook Park a try and it did not disappoint. 
splash play area at Chalmers pool Fayetteville
The price was phenomenal! Seriously, it was only $1 for kids (12 and under) and $2 for anyone over 13. ($4 total for me and the 2 kids.) You get a colored wristband when you pay for your entry. So, for the rest of the day, don’t have to pay to re-enter the pool.
There are 2 pools at the park and both were in great shape. The place looks a little old, but it seems to be really well taken care of.
where to swim near fort bragg in fayetteville north carolina
One pool is a 6-lane lap pool that ranges from 3 feet to 5 feet. The other is a ‘kiddie’ pool that has a zero-entry wading area that goes up to 2 feet. This pool has a little playground area, with a small slide and tire swing! My kids (6 and 4) were in heaven! Honestly, they were as excited about this little playground as if I had taken them to a full scale water park. (That excitement level is one thing that I’m going to miss most as they get older.)
splash playground in the pool
For the last ten minutes of every hour, the lifeguards take a break. This means that everyone has to get out of the pool. I must admit, this is a little aggravating when you’re raising a mermaid. And there is no better way to piss off a mermaid, than to put giant pools of water in front of her, then tell her that she can’t swim. She literally asked me every.single.minute if it was time to get back in the water yet.
kids enjoying chalmer's pool
My sanity on the second break when I discovered that there is a snack bar inside the facility. They sell everything from chicken wings to popsicles! What better way to shut a mermaid up than to fill her mouth with an Icee Pop!
You are allowed to bring your own drinks and snacks, but you should check out the rules first. As there are guidelines that dictate what size the coolers can be.
children on tire swing in Chalmer's Pool
girl playing in pool tunnel
I definitely recommend this pool to anyone in the Fayetteville/Fort Bragg area looking for a way to spend a hot summer afternoon. Maybe we will see you there!
Is the pool not your scene? Looking for something more natural? Try White Lake!
where to swim in Fayetteville, NC
Where to swim near Fort Bragg and Fayetteville North Carolina